Elena (moumoku_shoujo) wrote,

Post☆003: I am wondering...

Hello everyone!

Today I didn't go to school because I didn't feel too much well x_x; anyway, tomorrow I'll surely come back because I can't skip too much classes, and luckily in a month it's over! d(*_*)b

I am wondering why many people interested in Japan are so closed-minded. I admit this is a defect I have too, especially in the past, but I am trying not to be too much like that ^^

The well-known Miyazaki's movie "Laputa" will be aired in HD, redubbed, in Italian cinemas starting from next week: still, some people aren't happy with this decision because they think it will become a trend among stupid people/noobs and so on...

I don't think it will, and I personally would be happy if this movie would gain success and popularity... it's also an opportunity to other anime fans to meet, so why people are still complaining?

I'll surely go to see it indeed~ And fuck what elitists think, they're hopeless O_O and then they complain about how many few events about Japan there are in Italy, LOL

See you later (´∀`)
Tags: elitists, hayao miyazaki, italy
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