Elena (moumoku_shoujo) wrote,

Post☆005: who are you to judge?

The title says all XD Well, let's explain.

I really hate my classmates. They judge me because of the marks I get: since I am good at school this year, they believe I am a sort of hikikomori with no interest and so on. Meh... this generation totally sucks. Majority of people around my age in Italy likes only going to the disco to get drunk and fuck with some strangers, lol. I don't find it funny. I definitely prefer going to a concert, going to the cinema or playing videogames with friends (^~^) Is this that strange? LOL

I hope I am not the only one who shares this opinion...

So, my today's motto is: stay golden! Don't change your tastes or the way you are just to please people, you'll never please anyone (^▽^;)

Well, see you later!

PS: Why is THE PIASS so undervalued? ;_; Well I guess it's because they don't release anything since 2008, lol. Damn you Takayuki xD
Tags: school life
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