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Post☆006: shopping time, again...?

Hello everyone!

Today I went to a shopping mall with my parents and, as I passed from the mobile store, I noticed a strange fact.

I don't know why, but every 5/6 months I feel the urge to change my mobile. It's really stupid because I don't use it THAT much.
Even if I never spend more than 200€, it still remains a problem >< I should try not to change them so often, but you must know, I really do hate touch screen, so next time I'll definitely NOT buy a touch screen unless the screen is really big. Qwerty is fine but my favourite mobiles remains the old good ones. I wish DoCoMo network worked properly in Italy :x

I think LG GW300 and LG C320 have the features I am searching for, so I'll keep an eye on them. I must admit I sadly care too much about the design xD

What about you? Do you like touch screen or you prefer the old school models like me?

For today is enough, I am too tired (_ _)/

See you soon!
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