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No longer human; {an introspective travel within myself...}
Post☆008: D's live report 
27th-Apr-2012 08:12 pm
Kimono Ribbon

I've been very busy recently, but I'd like to write a little about D's concert which took place last Tuesday (´0ノ`*)

Because of a downpour (F U C K), there was so much traffic that I lost almost all the Q&A, but luckily not the final part, so I was in the official picture :)

After that, I talked with a friend of mine and went to buy some merchandise. I bought a T-shirt, a USB key with their new songs and a hairband. The concert started a little bit earlier than how it was planned. I was in front of Hide-zou, on the left side, third row. All D's members seemed really happy to be here in Italy, and this made me really glad to have come to the concert. They were really talented and put a lot of energy in all the songs. The one I prefered was Torikago Goten, which was a really special moment... Guardian was totally mad, I headbanged a lot! (`∀´) My neck still hurts a little LOL >_< The concert ended with the encore where they played Yami no kuni no Alice.

Setlist (wrote by me: it could be a little wrong for the order, but the songs are right):

Der Konig der Dunkelheit
In the name of justice
Yami Yori Kurai Doukoku No A Cappella To Bara Yori Akai
-Drum solo-
Desert Warrior
Hana Madoi
Night-ship D
Dying Message
Torikago goten ~L'Oiseau bleu~
7th Rose

Yami no Kuni no Alice

Next concert I'll attend is An Cafe's one. I was a big fan of them when I was 12-13, so I'd like to see them live. even if I am not that much into them anymore, I still like many songs by them (・ω・)/

See you later! ^_^
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