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Post☆009: I am back, kinda...

Hey everyone!

I am really sorry I can't write a lot during this period, but this is the final month school and I am full of test everyday... I am so sick of it (_ _)

Anyway I have some random news about myself to tell (?) I don't know who could care but I am in writing mood!

- Today's (well, let's say yesterday since the anniversary has already ended in Japan) MUCC's 15th anniversary. I am so happy an amazing band like them is still around. I want to thank them for the wonderful things they did during all these years, and I wish them good luck for the next years to come (*^o^*)/~ too bad I lost the streaming (school's fault :°D), I hope someone recorded the streaming T_T

- I am listening to MERRY's new single and I have to say: MERRY YOU NEVER DISAPPOINT ❤

- I bought An Cafe's ticket. I am sure it will be fun to "come back" to the old times, when I was 13: they're one of the first vk bands I listened, so it's going to be a sort of time travel event! XD Can't wait!

- I decided I am going to sell vk clothes, since now I got into gyaru/glam fashion. I want to look cool, so I am free to choose how I dress despite I like vk/hard rock/videogames/splatter movies and so on. Yayyy (`・ω・´) My warwrobe is definitely getting always better and better! Indeed to earn some extra money and gain more space, I'll sell the other clothes I don't use anymore ^^;

- I'll also create a new Ameba account. It's been a long time since the last time I used it ( °д°)
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